Sunday, 11 January 2015

festive kolams

Around New Year is a season for of celebrations in all religions, and that shows in the more than usual colorful kolams in Tamil Nadu. To walk a village streets is a true craft exhibition.
Here are just a few to enjoy, before they are smudged by fotsteps over or swept away to make place for a new, next day.


Jordan said...

Absolutely beautiful - and to think that kids made them! I've always loved the intense colors people use in art in India. Thanks for sharing these great pics!

Bibbi said...

Yes, it is as stunning every day, to pass by and see all the decorations on the ground! Women do them, I think the young girl I took a photo of is just practicing. All the best.

Unknown said...

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Shukla said...

South Indian cultural sprite of every morning.They decorate their house entrance with color from.Love to see more from your side.You can have look at,fro varieties of pottery,decorative and gifting items.

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