Thursday, 18 September 2014

jewellery jewellery jewellery and Mah Rana

This week is the peak of this year's big jewellery gathering in Göteborg; New Adventures in Jewellery. So many interesting exhibition; international, Nordic and local artists in museums, galleries and shops.

The whole program here.

I will attend the two day New Adventures in Jewellery seminar, and will get to meet Mah Rana again. She will give one of the talks about her work that is as much about the people as about the jewellery piece they wear.

Meanings and attachments, ongoing international archive, many many stories on a new website - submit your own!
Mah Rana - Jewellery is life

Photo from the session at Blå Stället in June, when visitors told the story about what personal relation they have to the jewellery they wear. Some fun, some sad, all touching.

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