Wednesday, 6 August 2014

before summer came: atiz resiztans

Last day of a long summer holiday - soon I'll go swimming...

A long holiday has given time to sort all kind of things a life is filled with.
And all photos. And maybe catch up.

What happened in May:
I felt totally connected with my two work places, Konstepidemin and Blå Stället art space, when two Haiti artists, André Eugène and Jean Claude Saintilus, made a month long stop in Göteborg.

It made me realize how blessed I am, and will be even more in the future, to meet with all kinds of artists at my new job. It is a challenge to facilitate their visits and shows for maximum encounter for all. And the start of this adventure could not be better than with a Voudou Spirit theme.

Jean Claude and André are part of a group in Port au Prince, Haiti, Atiz Rezistans. Their work is highly integrated with the spiritual beliefs that live so strongly in the Haitian community. And a little brutal and yet with so much humour.

Atiz Rezistans arranges Ghetto Biennale, an international art biennial along Grand Rue, a main street of former glory in Port au Prince. Artists apply and stay for about a month to prepare their art projects.

In the one day workshop at Blå Stället with André Eugène and Jean Claude Saintilus were invited artists Faris Al-zwain, Yousra Samawi, Anna Unsgaard, Catrin Serck-Hanssen along with Faruq Omer, Ahmed Bachai och Abdulkareem Sadoon from the ORT ART group.

The Haitian guests were invited by the folk music gathering event at Konstepidemin, thanks to musician Sten Källman and his strong connection to the country.

Val Inc - Val Jeanty, another Haitin guest, unforgettable electronica performance, truly magic.
To just listen doesn't give the total experience but still:

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