Sunday, 8 December 2013

auf widersehen hammarkullen - mosaic project is over

We have finished the mosaic in Hammarkullen, Göteborg —for this year... I will miss my crew. This project has had a big heart and is one of the most fun I've been part of, ever.

Suburban life is absolutely different than inner city, but often I was reminded of my smaller home town. People are closer and everybody knows everybody, always someone to ask for help that will say "yes".

Dona, Hani, Mazlum and Saber, thank you so much for this Mosaikfabriken 2013 part two!

Snow has fallen, now we just have to wait for better weather before the cherry trees can be planted and spring picknicks.


paula lindblom said...

Heja Bibbi!

Ser verkligen fiiiiiiiint ut, tack för att du visar detta på din blogg!
Go jul och gott nytt! Önskar Paula

Bibbi said...

Detsamma önskar jag dig, Paula! Må det vara fyllt av roligheter :)