Wednesday, 18 July 2012

inspiration from chicago

Corinne and Johan at Sockerbruket 33

We've had a nice visitor and colleague from Chicago here in Göteborg, Corinne Peterson. Her coming here also made me reconnect with passed times. In 1994 I was a guest artist in a terrific art program for young people in Chicago, Gallery 37. It was a great summer for me that year, an inspiring adventure (and the Swedish soccer team took the bronze medal in the world championships, played in USA that summer). I get a good feeling of a full circle is being drawn now, over time, work and places.

Gallery 37 was located in the middle of the city, we worked with the kids in huge tents, surrounded by skyscrapers. One of my fellow ceramic artists was Marjorie Woodruff, who had her studio at Lill Street Art Center in Chicago. Thanks to Corinne, I've heard from her again after all these years. And thanks to Marjorie, I got to meet Corinne.

Gallery 37 is still running, much developed since my summer in -94. It has been a huge inspiration for our work with the youth program at Konstepidemin.

Lill Street Art Center has also grown since my visit, a center housing artist and their studios, art classes for kids and adults and more.

Meeting Corinne, who is involved both with Gallery 37 and Lill Street, was also an inspiration. She was really busy exploring Göteborg in just a few days by foot, tram, bus and boat. Thank you Johan Svanbom at Sockerbruket 33, for welcoming her to your studio.

I wish Corinne an adventurous trip around Scandinavia! And I wish I can visit Chicago again.


woodfirer said...

Hej Bibbi!
Give Corinne my contact details if she needs a bed or just a contact in Copenhagen!

Bibbi said...

Hej Priscilla! I will! Corinne will make a trip to Norway, and via Swden come to Copenhagen before she flies home end of July, so she might need a bed or nice company :)