Saturday, 26 May 2012

walk by the sea - north

The cliffs at Valön are just amazing, red soft granite and a full horizon.

Jewellery artist Henry Lanham


mansuetude said...

Hey Bibbi! Just checking in to see what wonderful things you are up to. These rocks are amazing. I want to touch them, almost like sculpture. The rock carvings above, as well. Is that red pigment indigenous?

Hope you a wonderful summer!

Bibbi said...

Hej! So glad you are here! Yes the rocks are amazing, imagine them at night after a long sunny summer day; you can lie on them and they keep you warm while you look at the sky and the sea.

I wish the red pigment was original and true, but t is used to fill in the carvings so that you can see them better. Some are so eroded and shallow they are hard to read.

To you too; wish you a wonderful summer full of summer joy :) I will try to use my time well and check in too :)