Monday, 17 October 2011

Sad ladies

Friday evening was the big event "Kulturnatta" here in Göteborg, one big social and cultural happening all over the city all night. I stayed at one place only, very conveniant as so many friends passed by while I sat comfortably on my barstool :)

Lots of Göteborg artists donated work that was all exhibited and sold to support "Faktum", a local magazine supporting the homeless. Read more here, and links to all artists:

I am now the lucky owner of two very sad looking watercolor ladies by Amalia Kenamets.

Alexandra Hedberg was there, both with artwork and in person, look...


Veronica said...

Coola målningar! Alltid kul med kulturnatt, det har vi här i Lund med :)!

Maria a said...

Grattis !