Monday, 1 August 2011

what I am doing

For the Östersund show in September: the space is a nice, small room with a checkered red and white tile floor and the walls a mix of white plaster and red bricks. I felt a need to connect with the materials. So, I dug deep and found some old dark red earthenware clay, dry and hard as stone. After some days it was great to work with again and turned into smaller wreaths.

I stick to a theme of joy and sorrow.
For every clay leaf I put there, I think of all the sorrow that friends and families of the victims in Norway feel. So much sorrow. No joy.

Shelley Martin so generously shares ceramic artists that  she finds inspiring, and I'm delighted and thankful to be posted as one of them. Simple handmade ceramic forms, a long list since March this year.
Her work blog here:

2 comments: said...

Ser härligt ut Bibbi! Skulle vilja sätta tänderna i både den övre och undre.

Bibbi said...

Baka baka liten kaka :)