Sunday, 10 January 2010

improvement, finally

Not until the little pieces came out I found the direction. I have used all kinds of escapes and excuses from working with the pieces for Stockholm Furniteure Fair. Now it's only weeks left and I'm in a hurry. But in a happy hurry.

Mia Mäkilä lowbrow and horror art
som också har en blogg på svenska


Linda Fahey said...

oooh, looks like a fabulous start! I can't wait to see the finished mosaic.

woodfirer said...

Lovely toning colours!
Greetings for 2010 from Priscilla

How about visiting Copenhagen in 2010?
We have spare room......

ang design said...

ab fab indeed, i just finished my big table mozaic, my video is up on

annamaria potamiti said...

Oh I have missed seeing your lovely work- the shapes and your colors and the fun of coming to visit your blog-its always so interesting- have a lovely new year!
Annamaria :)