Sunday, 15 November 2009

winter weave and winter wreath, Tjolöholm

At Tjolöholms castle outside Kungsbacka they prepare for Christmas. Next weekend is their huge traditional Christmas market. Already now my ceramic wreaths and textile artist Kerstin Åsling's weaved pieces hang in the newly restored Storstugan café and restaurant. The scent of gingerbread laid heavy when we arrived to put our work up on Friday!

Tjolöholm is a Tudor Style manor, the dream of a perfect little place in the world built by James Fredrik Dickson. He died of lead poisening when he, after he had cut his finger, put the lead from a champagne bottle around it. His wife Blanche finished the construction of the place in 1904. The interior design is from Liberty in London, still intact and one of the best examples of Art and Craft in Sweden.

Both Kerstin and me are inspired by folk art and our work seem to fit into the countrystyle, national romantic style of Storstugan. It is open every weekend, we show our work until January 31.
Photos of the castle


paula lindblom said...

Hej Bibbi!

Lycka till!

Usch och hu och bu... Känns som om julen är här alldeles för tidigt eller att tiden går alldeles för fort...

Ha det gött!

See you.

Kramkram Paula.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

lycka till!
Tänk att julen redan snart är här

Bibbi said...

Tacktack! Det blir kortare och kortare mellanrum mellan jularna. Granarna är redan uppe framme!