Thursday, 13 August 2009

about time, really!

Annika Svensson's poster flowers

Long summer blog break is over! I hope your summers were just as you wished them to be.

I try to stay in the holiday mood, but have had a lot to do preparing for UPMARKET. It's the annual craft fair organized by KHVC here in Göteborg. A new place in the lovely park Trädgårdsföreningen.

Thousands and thousands of visitors came, shortest stayed the quick ladies marching to support breast cancer research (but I think some of them came back next day).

It's nice to be back here, slowly!

Links to most Upmarket exhibitors here


Alexandra Hedberg said...

välkommen tillbaka!
vi ha saknat dig...

marie-louise said...

Morsning korsning,
kul att se dig igen!

Och den där marknaden borde man nog besöka nån gång. Hoppas det blev lyckat!

Bibbi said...

Tack tack. Roligt att ni är tillbaka också!