Saturday, 21 March 2009

to all the girls

Nina Zetterquist Noli me tangere/Don't touch me touches everyone. The textile- and sound installation in Pannrummet, Konstepidemin, is all about the frailty and beauty of life of girls and women and how easily it's ruined by violence and humiliation.

More artists engaged for girls in the world:
Maria Ängkvist Klyvare's project China girl, photos here
The exhibition opens today at Nya Stadsgalleriet, Halmstad
Buy the Holly dvd here and support film makers, devoted to stop human trafficking.

I'm off for a sunny walk, hope you have a nice weekend too!


paris parfait said...

What an amazing project! Thanks for sharing it here.

Bibbi said...

So nice to hear from Paris :)
Thank you for stopping by. Yes, there are some engaged and creative people out there, thank God.

Camilla said...

That's an amazing looking piece of work.