Wednesday, 17 December 2008

stockholm colors

Just a few more Stockholm photos, because of the beautiful colors (and to you, Mansuetude). Stockholm has the colours of Rome. Maybe the Nobel prize winners went home, think I saw some of their family members outside Grand Hotel last week.

I find it hard to concentrate on working, now when my schedule was stretched there is more room to feel tired, I guess. And it is the darkest week of the year, that is reason enough to feel sleepy. And relax.

Tara Books, see how the lovely, lovely books are hand made video
Mårten Medbo show in Sheboygan, WI, USA

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mansuetude said...

thanks beautiful Bibbi!
I love love the windows one for the rhythms...

oops i forgot to come pick up my Nobel... do you think you could go get it for me, ha ha...

Peace and much rest (where the imagination opens the mind to tell you what to make next.) Daydreaming is a good creative workout.