Friday, 5 December 2008

time to celebrate

I'm so glad! Sketch competition for two artists (like a sketch battle): final result was in my favor. This is what I didn't want to show until the decision was made. The wall stands in the entrance to the Lidköping hospital which is being renovated next spring.

My sketch is based on, absolutely not scientifically true at all, life forms that might be seen in a microscope if they ever existed. It will be a mix of my own ceramic shapes and mosaic areas. I'm so looking forward to doing this!

Most of all I'm celebrating all the precious time I won. Relieved by two phone calls; one telling the other commission I'm working on doesn't need to be finished until after New Year. The other telling this new doesn't need to be finished early spring but rather late summer. Suddenly I can think about other things but only work. Like friends! And bake saffron buns! And lie in bed reading mystery novels all day! Or do nothing at all!

I wish you have a weekend doing whatever makes you happy.
Christmas Market at HDK this weekend
Sandra's things
and other student's products
Lots of other Christmas Craft events in Sweden here


mansuetude said...

ah Blessings erupting all over you! Very nice!

I love this line, this idea, "My sketch is based on, absolutely not scientifically true at all, life forms that might be seen in a microscope if they ever existed." Its so playful and full of life, and you just created them!

Molecules of peace, maybe.
I sat by the fire last night, lazy as a summer toad. :) Enjoy.

Camilla Engman said...

Hurra!!! Grattis Bibbi!
Var det den "lilla" biten du skickade med?

Bibbi said...

Thank you thank you!
Summer toad seems a good idea.

camilla, liten i proportion till det hela i alla fall :)

Thomas C Chung- An Artist said...
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Thomas C Chung- A Little Artist said...

Congratulations Bibbi ^_^%

Woohoo for success!! =)

Oh yes. Saffron buns........they taste especially good when toasted in the oven I found out =P

Hope your weekend was fantastic!!

Meagan Chaney said...


I love your sketch and idea for this commission! Congratulations! Cant wait to see pictures of the work in progress. Enjoy your relaxed time line too.

sarajo f said...

i always loved visiting your blog, but it's been a long while. nice to catch up and see this great project happening, looks beautiful and to read about pecha kucha which is happening soon in los angeles. congrats!